The Mighty Dragon podcast with Pierre Bourdaud

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Beijing based actor Pierre Bourdaud today on The Mighty Dragon podcast.

pierre bourdaud
Pierre Bourdaud

From France to Beijing

With over twenty years of experience working in Beijing as an actor, stunt performer, and director Pierre is incredibly humble about his achievements.

Multi-lingual, he has worked with Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Sebastian Vettel, and many others. It seems no one day is the same as another – he could be dubbing films in Mandarin or working with Mike Tyson (see below).

Pierre & Tyson

With the lockdown squeezing in China how is that impacting the booming Chinese film industry?

Don’t forget to check out Pierre’s gallery and demo reels below. You may see some faces you know…


Podcast with Pierre Bourdaud


Demo reels

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