The Mighty Dragon podcast with Marise Alvarez #obiwankenobi #nyche

I am super-excited to welcome actress Marise Alvarez onto The Mighty Dragon podcast.

Marise Alvarez

Just fresh from filming Obi-Wan Kenobi, Marise spilled the beans about her time on set playing Nyche Horn, the mother of a force-sensitive child, Corran Horn. What was it like working with Ewan McGregor on the latest series from the Star Wars Universe.

With such a diverse career, this multi-talented actress has worked with some impressive, inspiring filmmakers such as Benicio Del Toro, Steven Soderbergh, John Malkovich and Martin Sheen. Notably, Marise is in one of my favourite films, Soderbergh’s Che (parts 1 & 2) as Vilma Espin.

As The Mighty Dragon has a British base, I was interested to hear about Marise’s short film here in 2009 called Lover. It was heartening to hear Marise has roots in the UK, she studied here and has an impressive knowledge about fish ‘n’ chips!

Based out of LA, Marise also has a delightful comedy troupe in her native Puerto Rico, Teatro Breve. Marise discussed her favourite genres and what exciting projects she has coming up.

I have no doubts that this driven lady will make every success of her short film, after all, it seems passion projects of the heart motivate her.

Big thank you to Marise for this interview! See you in Manchester sometime for fish ‘n’ chips (oh, and mushy peas!).

Interview questions:

  1. Could you tell me how you got into acting?
  2. We have seen you recently in Obi-Wan Kenobi as Nyche. What was it like getting that part?
  3. What do you like most about Nyche’s character?
  4. Can you share any special memories from your time on the Obi-Wan Kenobi set?
  5. As an actress, what sort of characters are you drawn to?
  6. Is there a genre you haven’t tried?
  7. I must ask you about the British short film you appeared in, Lover (2009), could you tell me about your character and the film?
  8. What’s been your favourite character so far, and why?
  9. You’ve worked with Benicio Del Toro, Steven Soderbergh, John Malkovich and Martin Sheen to name just a few. What you do learn from collaborating with other filmmakers?
  10. What do you have coming up?
Marise Alvarez on The Mighty Dragon


IMDb – Marise Alvarez
Teatro Breve

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