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Another exclusive The Batman interview for The Mighty Dragon, next up is actress Lorraine Tai.

Lorraine Tai

Lorraine was Cheri in The Batman, the beautiful silver-fingered co-ed that works at the 44 Below. Other roles include The Lost Girls, Sensation, and Ground Control. She’s just wrapped a well-known Paramount movie production, which is hugely exciting for this multi-talented actress, her star keeps rising.

A British Hong-Konger and highly skilled martial arts professional – there’s no messing with this lady! She is trained in Wushu, weaponry, kickboxing, and much more. Lorraine’s Instagram states she is from NYC, London, and Hong Kong, I was very interested to see what locations inspire her as an actor, or if in fact, they all do!

Lorraine Tai

Could you tell me how you got into acting?
I grew up in quite a traditional environment, say if my career path was a multiple-choice question, acting was definitely not one of the options for me. When I was in my late teens, I fell in love with someone who was an actor, and more than the relationship itself, it opened the door to my newfound love. Soon enough, I started putting all my time and energy into researching acting schools. However, things didn’t go so smoothly initially, I dropped out of my A-levels early only to find out I couldn’t go due to finances. I stayed in Hong Kong (where I’m from) and joined the workforce for a year working nonstop, then with the help of my father who did everything within and out of his power to make it happen – I finally managed to move to Los Angeles to begin my first acting course.

We’ve recently seen you in The Batman, what was most interesting about your character?
Before we started shooting, I was told by the director, that my character is how the audience finds out about the ‘drop’ and what kind of influence this drug has on people. It was my first time portraying a user which was quite an experience. Also, my character had these fingers that were dipped in silver, they were SO cool, I never wanted to wash them off but you can imagine how impractical they’d be when it’s time to feast!

Did you do much “Batman” research for this character or did you want to approach it fresh? 
I did revisit some of the previous films and the director’s other work but I’d say I had to approach this character fresh as it went through various changes from the audition stage to filming on set, I could only keep myself ready and my mind open as I didn’t know what to expect. 

Can you share any funny/memorable moments from the set? 
We filmed during Covid so things were operated in very unconventional ways. Matt had to direct from a booth outside of the set and gave notes through his headset to actors’ earpieces when the camera was rolling. 

Lorraine Tai

You’re also in The Lost Girls, a fantasy movie inspired by Peter Pan. Could you tell us about this experience?
This was a really short but fun experience for me, my character was a bit of a goth and a well-mannered rebel. Quite the combo! We filmed a dining scene and I was unintentionally chewing on this french bean whilst this conflict happened between my best friend and her mother; it was high stakes and emotional, but I carried on chewing and let the french bean take my awkwardness to the next level. The director loved it and it actually made the final cut. 

From your career so far, what has been your favourite character and why? 
This character is called Mina in ‘Photo Booth’, the short film is a romantic comedy-drama about a mixed immigrant couple in 1970s London and their attempts to navigate both Britain’s immigration laws and their relationship with each other. It is my favourite because the story is very close to home and this Asian female character I portrayed is not stereotypical, she is complex, fierce, gentle, and full of surprises. The writer/director Roxy Rezvany was incredible to work with, she is clear about what she wants but also gives you lots of freedom to explore your character, it was a genuine collaboration. 

Is there a genre you haven’t tried yet that you’d like to? 
Fantasy Action but more than a genre, I am looking forward to playing an antihero role. 

Your Instagram states you’re from London, NYC, and Hong Kong. Which gives you the most inspiration as an actor? Or do they all?
They all very much do because in each city I was exposed to different cultures and communities, the journey taught and inspired me immensely in the way I think and have grown, not only as an actor but as a human. 

Your martial art reel on YouTube is impressive. What has martial arts brought to you spiritually as well as physically?
I think it has taught me discipline and built my mental strength. It gives me the feeling of self-empowerment as well. It’s training that requires a lot of repetitive, seemingly boring movements, but you have to be persistent and patient to achieve any improvement, just like most sports. 

What else do you have coming up? 
I just wrapped on a Paramount movie, I’d love to tell you more but I can’t, so do look out for me! Ha!


Lorraine Tai – martial arts reel
Lorraine Tai – Instagram
Lorraine Tai – IMDb

Martial arts showreel
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