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Last weekend I was delighted to catch up with Australian director Phillip Noyce. Phillip was last on the blog in 2018, so it was a great opportunity to see what he’s been up over the past few challenging years in the industry.

From a cold, blustery evening in England to the sunny climes of LA where Phillip is based, we spoke about his illustrious career which spans from the 60’s to the present day!

Surprised and heartened by his answers to my questions, I am in no doubt that Phillip Noyce is a true professional and a genuinely kind person to work with.

A team player on a production, he has remained open to emerging technology for story-telling and supporting up and coming filmmakers. He discusses how he learns from everyone on set. This flexibility in his work ethos has kept him at the top of his game, and long may it continue.

I was especially touched when he recollects about his movie Rabbit-Proof Fence. This is a lesson that passion projects born from the heart are the ones that stay with you the longest.

He recalls his time visiting The Last Emperor set in Beijing and witnessing 4,000 people on set under the command of Bernardo Bertolucci. His friendship with Federico Fellini and some unforgettable advice he was given.

Thank you Phillip for your time and supporting The Mighty Dragon. In my 30+ years in media, you are possibly one of the most genuine, kind and least ego-driven filmmaker I have come across, and I am so honoured to have you here on my blog sharing your wisdom.

Questions posed:

You were my 20th interview for The Mighty Dragon back in 2018.  What have you been working on since?

What would you say is your favourite film of yours, or most memorable piece of work.

As audiences have moved to streaming, have you had to adapt to how you work for changing audience habits?

Do you stick to the script, or do you often go off script while on a shoot?

If you were to shoot any of your films again, what would you change?

What has been the biggest challenge to you as a filmmaker?

Are there any special memories from any of your films that you’d like to share?

Which actor have you most enjoyed working with, and why? 

What are you currently enjoying – tv series or film?

Next year, I will be looking at the work of Stanley Kubrick for this blog. What do you enjoy most about his style of directing.


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