The Mighty Dragon podcast with Alexandre Willaume #1899

Recently I binge watched the fantastic Netflix series 1899, this truly one of the best series I have watched this year. A story so complex with unexpected twists and turns, you never know truly where its headed, in a refreshing way! Not being able to guess the plot is quite refreshing.

I was delighted that 1899 actor Alexandre Willaume joined me on The Mighty Dragon podcast to discuss his character Anker, the hesitant priest aboard the ship. As a Danish actor, I was keen to get his insights into the strengths of the Danish film industry, and how he forged his career path. A career path which has taken him all over the world.

From Tomb Raider, to The Last Kingdom and to 1899 Alexandre is an actor with great depth and experience, and I am so glad to have him as part of the interview collection here on The Mighty Dragon.

Thank you to Alexandre for this interview, may I wish you every success for all your projects. Most importantly hope to see you back for 1899 Season 2.

Questions posed

Alexandre Willaume

  • We’ve recently seen you as Anker in 1899, how did you become an actor?
  • What do you like most about Anker?
  • 1899 has so many terrific twists and turns, was filming it a challenge?
  • Are there any memorable / behind the scenes moment’s you can share with us from 1899?
  • As a Danish actor, what do you think of the Film industry in Denmark? 
  • What sort of characters do you enjoy playing?
  • Is there a genre you haven’t tried and would like to?
  • Outside of your acting life, what are your passions?
  • I’ve been snooping on your Instagram and see a fabulous mix of work and family. How easy is it as an actor to achieve a healthy balance with work and family life.
  • What projects do you have coming up?


Alexandre Willaume – art
1899 – IMDb
Alexandre Willaume – IMDb


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