The Mighty Dragon podcast with Maria Erwolter #1899

Following on from my last 1899 interview with Alexandrew Willaume, I have another one for you! This time with multi-talented actress Maria Erwolter, who starred as Iben in the smash-hit Netflix series.

Maria, shares her thoughts on her character Iben and the breath-taking twists and turns of the series. We discuss what characters she enjoys portraying and which genre she’d like to experience.

From The Ritual to 1899, this actress keeps extending her range of characters and lighting up our screens. With a busy family life, Maria keeps grounded with meditation and most impressively paying it forward to the next generation of actors.

Thank you to Maria for this interview, may I wish you all the best for Christmas and 2023!

Questions posed

Maria Erwolter

  • We’ve recently seen you as Iben in 1899, how did you become an actor?
  • What do you like most about Iben?
  • 1899 has so many terrific twists and turns, was filming it a challenge?
  • I’ve just interviewed your 1899 colleague Alexandre Willaume where we spoke about the Danish film industry, and he mentioned the benefits of a flat heirarchy. Where do you feel are the strengths of the Danish/Scandinavian film industry.
  • What sort of characters do you enjoy playing?
  • Is there a genre you haven’t tried and would like to?
  • Outside of your acting life, what are your passions?
  • I’ve been snooping on your Instagram and quite frankly want to change my entire wardrobe(!), is fashion another art form for you? 
  • What projects do you have coming up?


Maria Erwolter – IMDb
1899 – IMDb
Maria Erwolter – Instagram


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