The Mighty Dragon interview with Isaak Dentler

My last interview for The Mighty Dragon in 2022 is also the final one in my 1899 interview series!

German actor, Isaak Dentler, portrayed mutiny forerunner and crewman Franz in 1899. His character, which I initially thought of as a bully, peeled away to reveal someone with a heart of gold. His character paying the ultimate sacrifice to help another.

I truly enjoyed his performance in this series whose characters are never quite what they seem. Like the story, the characters themselves were twisting, changeable elements…I can’t wait for Season 2!

Catch up on his thoughts on Franz, 1899 and see what he’s got coming up ….

It was great to catch up with Isaak who was away touring when I reached out. All the best for Christmas and for everything 2023 has in store.

Questions posed

Isaak Dentler

We’ve recently seen you as Franz in 1899, how did you become an actor?

I grew up with actors. both my parents are actors.  As a child, I often attended theater rehearsals. I didn’t like it at all. I took a short excursion into the world of finance and then quickly turned around and went to acting school.

What do you like most about Franz?

I particularly like Franz, although he always seems very clear in his thoughts and actions, I can interpret so much into him. He could go in a different direction at any moment. and he would have the power to do so.

1899 has so many terrific twists and turns, was filming it a challenge?

Yes, that was indeed a challenge. because you don’t shoot chronologically. and then on every day of shooting and in every scene to know what exactly is when in 8 episodes… but also totally nice to go on this journey with our captain, Bo our storyteller and director and to discover with all the other actors from 1899 everything piece by piece.

Are there any memorable / behind the scenes moment’s you can share with us from 1899?

It was really memorable about halfway through the shooting. We had been shooting a big crowd scene for several days, with a lot of rain and wind, most of the actors were on set, everyone was really exhausted and after the last take, one of the songs that are in the series was playing very loudly in the studio and we were lying we all hugged and were so happy that the scene was done, then there was a big party… in general our parties were nice!

As a German actor, what do you think of the German Film industry? 

Definitely a lot of crime. And now I’m so glad that I was allowed to play in a genre like 1899… finally mystery::)

What sort of characters do you enjoy playing?

Hmm, how can I say? Maybe tough guys with a soft core… or the other way around. I’m excited to see what’s to come.

Is there a genre you haven’t tried and would like to?

No, there is nothing specific, ah.. wait…— really good comedy!

Outside of your acting life, what are your passions?

Definitely cooking in large groups with friends and family. Then everyone cooks a different dish, one after the other, so these are long meetings with hopefully good conversations, ok and good wine.

I’ve been snooping on your Instagram to see that you were in Richard III on stage, should all actor experience Shakespeare?

Definitely with authors who have created “great texts”. Learning to deal with these texts can enrich, so yes Shakespeare give it to me.

What projects do you have coming up?

There are a few projects planned. I’ll die again in a crime novel and I will be shooting in Morocco for the 2nd time, a new play at the theatre as well


Isaak Dentler – IMDb
Isaak Dentler – Instagram


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