The Mighty Dragon podcast with Anne-Marie Scragg #firefly

It’s an absolute pleasure to add indie director Anne-Marie Scragg to the interview collection here on The Mighty Dragon.

Her latest movie, Firefly, is a tribute to the deaf community and for all vulnerable facing violence at home.

Anne-Marie is used to directing powerful, emotive pieces. Firefly joins How We Live, which are real stories affecting real people. Check out the links in Resources below for more information on these projects.

For this podcast we look into the creative, intimate world of indie film, through the joy and tears on set in Cornwall. We discuss the spontaneity and creative freedom of indie film, and the considerations of working with children and on location.

Olivia Pickering

Stay tuned to the end for a fun addition to this podcast, as The Mighty “Little” Dragon kicks her Mum off the hot seat to interview Firefly’s “Little Frankie”, Olivia Pickering.

Olivia, a dynamic young actress, was chosen to play Little Frankie. Anne-Marie tells us how Oliva’s natural talent shone through and they caught some organic scenes on the beach on Cornwall.

Olivia instinctively delivered a captivating performance as Little Frankie, she mastered sign language required for the role. The Mighty Dragon predicts a booming career for you! Good luck.

Questions posed:

Anne-Marie Scragg

  1. Your IMDb states you are a Director, Writer and Actress, is it possible to say which do you find most creatively fulfilling?
  2. How did it all start for you?
  3. What are the strengths & benefits in Indie films?
  4. What are the challenges of Indie films outside of budget?
  5. Firefly was shot in Cornwall, what considerations do you have to make when choosing a location.
  6. Tell me about Firefly?
  7. You have child actors in Firefly, what considerations do you have to make when filming with children?
  8. From How We Live and Firefly, these are both powerful, emotive “real” stories, is this something you will continue to focus on for future projects?
  9. Any special memories/magical moments you’d like to share from filming Firefly?
  10. What’s next for you?

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