Podcast with Dustin Nippert #physical100

Physical:100, the smash hit South Korean Netflix series kept me and my family glued to the sofa.

We couldn’t blink or breathe as the gruelling challenges pitted contestants against each other, all with a chance to win a huge sum. But, to me, it wasn’t the cash prize that drove these contestants but the endorphins as the game progressed and challenges got harder.

If you haven’t seen it, athletes such wrestlers, MMA, gymnasts, Olympians and influencers competed in this show all with different abilities, strengths and focus.

One contestant, Dustin Nippert, an American baseball player forged ahead in the series. I’m so thrilled he agreed to a podcast for The Mighty Dragon. We talk about what expectations he had about the show, the types of contestants who would navigate the challenges the best and how this show would be perceived elsewhere.

We touch upon South Korean culture too, I was moved by the respect the contestants held for each other and interacted. Let’s just say I can’t wait for the second series!

Big thanks to Dustin for this opportunity and for the Orlando baseball recommendations! I’ll go and see my first baseball match(?) or do you say game?!

Physical: 100 – Dustin Nippert


Dustin Nippert – Instagram
Dustin Nippert – Wikipedia

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