Podcast with Cat Lellie #movemenomountain

I was super-excited about speaking to actress Cat Lellie about her powerful performance as Jenna in Move Me No Mountain. A while back I’d had the pleasure of speaking to Director Debbi Richards about this film and was absolutely blown away when I saw it on Prime a couple of weeks ago.

Cat plays Jenna, a homeless woman, dealing with the grief of losing her child and ultimately her whole world.

Cat’s performance truly touched my soul, it transcended all levels of emotion and the scenes will stay with me forever.

As a mother myself I could see myself fall into this downward spiral if anything happened to my daughter, a dark place with little hope of sunlight.

Watching Move Me No Mountain makes you see the plight of the homeless, who are often unnoticed and ignored. Each person has a story on the streets or the subways, may be they just didn’t have enough self belief, or people that believed in them to be where they are now. As my Mum always says “they were an innocent baby once”.

Underneath the streets of Vegas lives a community of homeless, not much separates rich and poor in that City, from one extreme to another.

Super big thanks to Cat for this amazing podcast, it was lovely to get to know the preparation you took to get inside this character and the journey you went on yourself while filming it.

Check out Move Me No Mountain – available NOW on Amazon Prime.



Instagram – Cat Lellie
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IMDb – Move Me No Mountain
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