Screenwriting advice from the Pros – Phillip E. Hardy #purgatorystation

Phillip E. Hardy is back on The Mighty Dragon!

It was a pleasure to catch up with a writer buddy of mine, Phillip E. Hardy. Phillip was previously on The Mighty Dragon back in 2020 talking about the enduring fascination of Dracula (link below in Resources).

It’s a great time to catch up as Phillip has just adapted Hemingway’s Sun Also Rises into a screenplay. We talk about this and his upcoming movie Purgatory Station starring Bob Gunton as Horatio Grimes. Phillip also manages a Facebook screenwriting group, Screenwriters Talking Shop. This is a super-friendly, helpful and supportive group and a great resource for all writers serious about their craft.

While I had Phillip I grilled him on best practise as a screenwriter and the question we all want to know, how to get your script read as an un-repped writer.

Question’s posed

  • You have recently adapted Sun Also Rises into a screenplay, is this the first adaptation you have done?
  • What are the challenges of adaptation?
  • Have you much licence to change the narrative in adaptations?
  • You have a movie coming out too! Purgatory Station, can you tell me more about this?
  • As a writer I have known for years, what have you learnt the most about the writing profession?
  • You have a Facebook writing group, what sets this apart from other writing groups?
  • Do you think writing competitions are worth the money?
  • Which writing festivals are the best ones to enter in your opinion?
  • Should a writer try different genre, or stay within the genre they feel most comfortable?
  • What’s the best advice you could give to writers who are not represented in getting their work read?


Purgatory Station

Phillip E Hardy – IMDb

Michael Rockefeller


Phillip E. Hardy, Dracula Interview – The Mighty Dragon

Sun Also Rises – Hemingway

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