The Mighty Dragon podcast with Jeppe Beck Laursen #thelastkingdom

The Last Kingdom – what a truly, brilliant series and now a truly brilliant film (The Last Kingdom`: Seven Kings Must Die – released last month on Netflix).

With anticipation, well, to be frank DREAD, of this wonderful storyline coming to an end. I watched absolutely spellbound as the final part of the story unfolded. What a great ending too, what way do you think Uhtred chose?

In the end scene, I spotted one of my absolute favourite characters (and all-time greatest baddie), Haesten, feasting in Valhalla – I knew I had to reach out to see if I could interview the man behind this dark, intriguing character – Jeppe Beck Laursen.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Jeppe not only about Haesten but how he got into acting, his life, hopes and ambitions. We of course talk about The Last Kingdom and a deep dive into the enduring fascination of Viking drama.

I meet Jeppe’s dog too cutely named Han Solo – something us 1972 kids have in common is Star Wars. Will we see Jeppe in a future Star Wars series? Tune in to find out…

Jeppe Beck Laursen on The Mighty Dragon

Questions posed

  1. We know you as Haesten in The Last Kingdom but how did your acting journey start? 
  2. What did you most like about Haesten? 
  3. Would you say Haesten allegiances were to those who served his own purpose?
  4. What research did you do before portraying this character? 
  5. Can you share any funny moments / behind the scenes from the set? 
  6. There’s a huge interest in Viking drama – why do you think this is? 
  7. As a Norwegian actor, what’s the strengths of the Norwegian film industry. 
  8. What type of characters do you like or would like to portray? 
  9. Is there a genre you haven’t tried yet that you’d like to? 
  10. What do you have coming up?


Jeppe Beck Laursen – IMDb
Jeppe Beck Laursen – Instagram
Jeppe Beck Laursen – Twitter

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