The Mighty Dragon podcast with Maria Tran #lastkingofthecross

From Australia to Las Vegas

I’m so delighted to have Maria Tran back on The Mighty Dragon. Now based in Vegas, Maria has been super busy (and that’s an understatement) with multiple projects.

One being working alongisde Tim Roth in Last King of the Cross, a big budget Australian series based on the book by John Ibrahim. She talks to me about her character, Madame Tien, and the inspiration she got creating this formidable character.

Maria talks too about her feature film Echo8, her plans for a trilogy and forging the path for women filmmakers to break through and shine. In their own right.

It’s always so refreshing speaking to Maria, her positivity is infectious and she really deserves all the success!

The Mighty Dragon podcast with Maria Tran

Questions posed

  1. Wwe last spoke back in October 2020. What’s happened in life for you since we last spoke?
  2. You’re Madame Tien in Last King of the Cross – what can you tell me about your character and the series?
  3. What do you like about your character?
  4. Last King of the Cross is about feuding brothers. Since Cain & Abel this theme has always been gripping, why is that?
  5. This series is rumoured to be the most expensive Australian TV dramas. Did you feel that on set? 
  6. Last of the Cross features one of my favourite actors, Tim Roth, what was is like working with him?
  7. Where & when can we watch Last King of the Cross?
  8. Looking through your credits on IMDb you have so much coming up! How do you manage your time and family life?
  9. I have featured a few directors here on The Mighty Dragon from Las Vegas, what is it about Vegas which is drawing filmmakers to it?
  10. What do you have coming up?


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