The Mighty Dragon podcast with Christian Svensson #murderandmayhem

Christian Svensson

Swedish actor Christian Svensson joined me on The Mighty Dragon recently.

With Career Opportunities in Murder & Mayhem in post production, it was a great time to catch up to discuss his career, his British start in life, the characters he likes to portray, Swedish rats and so much more.

Christian is a multi-talented actor. Not only is he multi-lingual (Swedish, English, French and Spanish!) but he boxes and specialises in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu too, it was interesting to hear the focus his training has given him in his acting life.

I always think it speaks volumes about a person when they pay tribute to their family as being the backbone of their success. Christian credits his wife and children as being his rock, for grounding him.

Questions posed

  1. You’re an actor with such a wide ranging set of work from TV, Voice, Theatre, Video and film.  How did your acting journey start?
  2. Your TV credits include 24, Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem, Torchwood here in the UK and most recently FBI: International.  Do you have a preference to working in TV  – and why is that?
  3. What type of characters do you like to portray?
  4. Do you do much research before you portray characters or not?
  5. Is there a genre that you haven’t tried as yet?
  6. You speak English, Swedish, French and Spanish – does being multi-lingual have a great benefit for an actor?
  7. You’ve studied Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Boxing – has your martial arts training impacted your focus in acting/and in life?
  8. As a Swedish actor, what are the strengths of the Swedish film industry?
  9. Your Instagram account shows a busy work and family life, how do you manage both?
  10. What do you have coming up?


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