Podcast with Fernando Piloni #ahauntinginvenice

Fernando Piloni

Fernando Piloni is a Brazilian actor who has truly travelled the world. His dream of acting picked up and put back down a few times, till he conquered his fears and ended up working on the hugely successful, A Haunting in Venice.

Acting in Brazil, Spain and now London, he’s an actor who has mastered his art with skill and dedication – absorbing and revelling in the the different training methods in those areas.  He has overcome obstacles to propel him even further ahead and open opportunities, specifically in theatre.

He’s recently appeared as Vincenzo Di Stefano in A Haunting in Venice which sees Kenneth Branagh at the helm as Poirot. I was keen to chat with Fernando about this experience – what did he learn from acting alongside Kenneth Branagh?

fernando piloni actor

You can hear Fernando’s passion for live theatre in this podcast. This seems to be a better way for the actor to connect to the audience, a truly unique experience. I’m so glad I asked Fernando about the importance of stage work for every actor.

An important point Fernando makes in this podcast is for every artist to experience as much of the art as possible. Get on set as an extra, start scriptwriting, and just be involved. Therefore being involved will evolve you in your art.

Now he has Agatha Christie on his CV, this is only the start of a wonderful future ahead.

Thank you to Fernando for this interview opportunity.


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