Podcast with Patrick Wirtz #scissormouth

Patrick Wirtz

Patrick Wirtz has been on my radar for some time for an interview for The Mighty Dragon. His work with past The Mighty Dragon interviewee, director Deborah Richards, is truly an epic glimpse into the life of a producer. After speaking with Patrick, I have so much more appreciation for this role. Naive me, thought that this role was mostly financial. How wrong was I?! I joked to Patrick that a day in his life would give me a heart attack, I wasn’t wrong!

Patrick shares his experiences working alongside Deborah on her first feature, Move Me No Mountain. We touch upon how projects develop from concept to completion. Patrick offers insights into social media strategies, industry trends and how the role of a film producer will evolve in the future. This, of course, ventures into the world of AI, scary for some, whereas others are embracing this technology.

With their next movie, Scissor Mouth, coming out soon it was a great time to catch up.

The Life of a Producer

Thank you to Patrick for this interview opportunity.


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