Podcast with Steven Houska #oppenheimer

Steven Houska

I’m so delighted that Steven Houska, an actor with a career spanning thirty years, joined me on the podcast.

We discuss his latest movie, Oppenheimer, where he portrays Senator Scott. We also look back on his career for some stand-out moments. This includes working with the Cohen Brothers, starring in Malcolm in the Middle and Star Trek.

Steven discusses his research for Senator Scott and some behind-the-scenes memories from the set – what did he observe from working with Christopher Nolan?

A humble actor, Steven shares his advice for anyone following in his footsteps. He recollects how he worked in different areas of filmmaking before taking the leap in front of the camera.

What I will take home from this interview is Steven’s words of wisdom – tune in to find out what they were.

Thank you to Steven for this interview opportunity.


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