The Mighty Dragon podcast with Adrian Schiller #thelastkingdom

Adrian discusses Æthelhelm, his favourite parts of his character, his motivations and how the character immersed itself into The Last Kingdom. But was Athelhelm's movitations misjudged?

The Mighty Dragon turns 4

urney to create a TV series. I named the blog after my favourite actor, John Lone. You may see some posts where I share a pic of him and hashtag #theoriginalmightydragon - I'm very fortunate to have some signed items of Johns to share with his fans over on Insta.

A quick chat with… Ved Sapru

I am absolutely delighted to have actor Ved Sapru as part of The Mighty Dragon interview collection. His first feature film, India Sweets and Spices, has just been released in theatres. In addition to its theatrical release, it will be streaming on-demand 12/7 on Apple, Amazon, and most major rental platforms.

The Mighty Dragon podcast with Carla Roda

SIn a male-dominated area of the industry Carla Roda has truly made her mark on Hollywood.   She is the first Spanish woman to edit projects for HBO. Her editing work for Fox Searchlight/ Fox Digital Studios' docu-series Phenoms was an official selection and winner at Tribeca Film festival

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