Interview#29 Hua Yan #stunts #actor #actiondirector

No matter which industry you will be working in or what career you choose, a serious attitude and being responsible for what you are doing always matters the most. And also maintaining the persistent love for this career. Everything is based on attitude, as long as you pay the effort and keep the original self and stick to it, you will be successful.

Final thoughts aged 45…

Thoughts on my birthday eve I watched a programme a few years back about ageing and the positive effects on someone's life - which was quite refreshing seeing that you normally just hear the downsides.  This programme affected me quite a bit especially seeing someone skydiving in their 90s! Much respect to them. That with... Continue Reading →

Returning to China…

Next week I return to one of the most fascinating countries I have ever been to, China! and more specifically Beijing! With my last trip to the capital being way back in 1992 I think its time for a visit, I was supposed to be running the Great Wall marathon however a triple ankle fracture... Continue Reading →

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