No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.

At that point the whole cinema audience fell flat, as we left our seats you could see the disappointment on peoples faces. Bond is dead.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula #filmreview

One last thing I wanted to point out though is that I've read that Gary Oldman didn't like his performance as Dracula and felt he didn't give it his best, but to me, he has been the best Dracula to grace our screens.

Interview #47 Kelly Schwarze #director #editor #producer

From my experience, it’s always been about finding out a way to be the director. I never assumed anyone would hire me to be simply a director of a film, so I have produced, written and managed projects, just to give myself that opportunity. I love directing actors. I love shaping stories visually, so at its core, directing is my first love.

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