The Mighty Dragon meets Jake Cannavale

Jake comes from a large acting family, so it was pretty much imprinted in his DNA from day one. His parents, actors Bobby Cannavale and Jenny Lumet, encouraged him as he carved out his unique presence centre screen. His step mother, Rose Byrne, being a guiding, positive influence too.

The Mighty Dragon meets Tait Fletcher

We know Tait as Alpha Trawler and Paz Visla in The Mandalorian. He shares with me how he prepared for these characters, his experience with George Lucas's linguist, Star Wars fan theories and some behind-the-scenes memories with Carl Weathers. His favourite Star Wars character surprised me at the time, but now reflecting back on our conversation can see how that all fits in.

The Mighty Dragon meets Bernard Bullen

My journey on The Mighty Dragon over the past three years has lead me to meet some truly special and gifted folk, Bernard Bullen is most definitely one of those. I'm so honoured to have this fine actor here as part of The Mandalorian interview collection on The Mighty Dragon.

The Mighty Dragon meets Miguel A. Lopez

I had the pleasure this week of catching up with The Mandalorian actor Miguel A. Lopez to discuss his role as a Tusken Raider on The Mandalorian series (Disney+). As a matter of fact, Tusken Raiders are my second favourie being from Tattooine, Undoubtedly menacing, they first appeared in A New Hope where they encounter a young Luke Skywalker.

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