Christmas thoughts … closing the year

The Mighty Dragon blog has done phenomenally well, I am ending the year with over 130k views and an impressive international presence. The interviews have really boosted the views and it has been an honour to carry the stories of such incredibly talented people. A huge thanks goes to Mike Leeder for his support.

Sunday thoughts…

Autumn brings with it a sense of reflection for me and that's what I am doing right now, staring out at the clouds and the beautiful shimmery sunlight. Its been quite a year already, my trip back to my old home, Hong Kong and re-arranging my story and really pushing myself as a writer. Autumn... Continue Reading →

100k views – thank you!

It appears my blog, The Mighty Dragon, hit 100,000 views today! Whoa! What a journey it’s been! I’m so grateful for the interviews that have made the blog so special to me. I still pinch myself when I see the impressive list of talent on my blog. The contributors have all been incredibly generous in... Continue Reading →

Hey – how you doing?!

Hey all - thought I'd drop by and say a short hello. I've taken a wee breather from The Mighty Dragon recently to catch up with writing the new and improved pilot. Throwing everything at it. The enhanced outlining work with my script consultant has been a real turning point for me. The time and... Continue Reading →

Cobra Kai #writersthoughts

As I prepare for my script consultation with my Sensei in early June, I will be hoping for an evolution myself, or if not, I may have to slip the old boxing gloves on again myself and take Act 2 down.

Hong Kong blues

As I stepped out the MTR at Causeway Bay and breathed in the air I was completely taken back in time - the memories came flooding back and for a moment time stood still.

The Mighty Dragon celebrates

It seems as if Chinese New Year is off to a flying start already on The Mighty Dragon! The Year of the Pig saw the blog smash through a whopping 50,000 views and I couldn't be more pleased with this progress in one year.

Slipping on another’s fingerprint

Over brekkie this morning I decided to check the Facebook feed (1st screen-time resolution of 2019 already broken) and fell upon an interesting Bruce Lee post by Mike Leeder  - or should I say Bruce Li, Dragon Lee and Bruce Le post - the Bruce Lee impersonators who, it seems, made a mint after the... Continue Reading →

2019 writing resolutions

In order to keep myself more organised with script-work and The Mighty Dragon website I have started a Bujo - that's a bullet journal to normal folk.  How I have not got into this years ago is beyond me - its brilliant! There's plenty of bullet journal videos on YouTube to get you started if... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of Christmas past…

As Christmas draws nearer - it makes you think back on the past, not sure this is something you do more of as you get older, becoming more reflective but I seem to be tripping down memory lane more and more often lately.  Who knows.  Christmas brings with it fond, warm memories of people you... Continue Reading →

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