Podcast with Dustin Nippert #physical100

We couldn’t blink or breathe as the gruelling challenges pitted contestants against each other, all with a chance to win a huge sum. But, to me, it wasn’t the cash prize that drove these contestants but the endorphins as the game progressed and challenges got harder.

The Mighty Dragon podcast with Alexandre Willaume #1899

I was delighted that 1899 actor Alexandre Willaume joined me on The Mighty Dragon podcast to discuss his character Anker, the hesitant priest aboard the ship. As a Danish actor, I was keen to get his insights into the strengths of the Danish film industry, and how he forged his career path. A career path which has taken him all over the world.

Interview with Julian Black Antelope – Chief Kehetu #PREY

An Indigenous Canadian actor, with a drop of Irish blood. Julian represents the Buckskin, Black Horse family of the Weasel People. He is a self-taught actor who has built a solid career path in music, stunts, and working crew positions. His TV and film work has brought all his experience and physicality to many dynamic characters. I am proud to welcome 'JBA' onto The Mighty Dragon.

The Mighty Dragon podcast with Craig Ahrens and David Espinosa #thecrumbs #demonfighter #lovenquarantine #theevildownthestreet

With their new releases Love N Quarantine and Demon Fighter out now, it was a great chance to catch up with these Mighty Dragon favourites. They offer solid advice for any Independent Filmmaker and share some of their process for making their unique, quirky, and unforgettable films. 

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