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  • It’s that time of year…

    It’s that time of year…

    ife has been incredibly busy as of late, but I have taken steps into animating Bertie already. If I can get this out by Easter then I will be very happy! Of course, you’ll be the first to see it.

  • What’s up?!

    What’s up?!

    Fade In What’s up?! It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated on here. Tech issues forced me into a summer hiatus which has ultimately made me think about what I want to do with The Mighty Dragon and exactly what to share on here. For now, the Dragon is resting, it’s on a break…not […]

  • Hong Kong – coming home

    Part of me always longed to go back to HK , but as my 30th and 40th (gulp) rolled by, it just seemed more and more unlikely.

  • Interview#23 Bob Wall #actor #stunts #writer

    Interview#23 Bob Wall #actor #stunts #writer

    What I remember the most about the great Bruce Lee is how much fun he was to be around, brilliant, kind, funny, talented, goal oriented, hard working, challenging and just a great human being.

  • Interview#19…Matthew Polly, author #BruceLee: A Life

    Interview#19…Matthew Polly, author #BruceLee: A Life

    An interview with author Matthew Polly. Bruce Lee: A Life.

  • Final thoughts aged 45…

    Final thoughts aged 45…

    Thoughts on my birthday eve I watched a programme a few years back about ageing and the positive effects on someone’s life – which was quite refreshing seeing that you normally just hear the downsides.  This programme affected me quite a bit especially seeing someone skydiving in their 90s! Much respect to them. That with […]

  • Post #1…why I started this project?

    Post #1…why I started this project?

    To be honest I wish I could answer that myself, this would have saved me a lot of stress, time and sleepless nights BUT something within me is unable to quit this project, its unable to swerve off until all four episodes are written and delivered.  A calling? A moment of madness? Who knows, who […]