Interview#41 Maria Tran #actress #writer #director #producer

A big key is knowing how to collaborate with others, manage egos and build on the strength of your team, inspire and motivate all personnel on the project. Do your research and know the industry. Find out who’s who and do your research and be respectful to those in the industry when you approach them.

Interview#12…Philippe Joly, actor, screenwriter and director

Philippe Joly is a Hong Kong based actor, screenwriter and director.  He has possibly inherited the coolest Chinese name 狼森 (Langsen) - meaning 'Wolf' and has appeared in many S.E. Asian films alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme (Pound of Flesh), Chow Yun Fat (The Man from Macau), Andy Lau (Mission Milano) and Jackie Chan (Dragon Blade), to name... Continue Reading →

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