Final thoughts aged 45…

Thoughts on my birthday eve I watched a programme a few years back about ageing and the positive effects on someone's life - which was quite refreshing seeing that you normally just hear the downsides.  This programme affected me quite a bit especially seeing someone skydiving in their 90s! Much respect to them. That with... Continue Reading →

What’s the most important thing about your story?

Research! Why? Isn't that spending hours trawling through the internet, or your head endlessly stuck in books? Nope, not for me!  It's the chance to pack my bags and get flying to another fabulous location - with the next stop....Venice!  I won't go into the reasons why research is important (that should be damn obvious)... Continue Reading →

Actor’s read through night…hearing Bertie’s voice for the first time…

When I first started writing the story I decided to stop mid-point and do what has been suggested by many screenwriting books and get an actors read through arranged. Principally to see if the dialogue sounded believable - I was quite excited to hear some of the scenes - and to be honest, my words... Continue Reading →

Interview#6…Interview with Paul Zeidman, Screenwriter

Paul Zeidman is a screenwriter based out of one of my favourite cities, San Francisco!  I met Paul in a screenwriting group on Facebook and as a rookie have been very appreciative of the articles and guidance that he shares with us all!  An insider’s knowledge and expertise is like gold-dust! His writing credits include... Continue Reading →

Interview#5…Ho-Ling Tang, Composer

Originating from Hong Kong, Ho-Ling Tang is a talented composer, orchestrator and arranger.  Based in Hong Kong she is busy working on multiple projects which encompasses film and TV scores, theatre and video games.   I posed Ho-Ling some questions about her work, specifically how essential music is to film and TV success. At what age... Continue Reading →

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