Interview#40 William C. Martell #writer

Movies answer all of life’s questions... and reading screenplays will answer all of a screenwriter’s questions.

Interview#14…Bob Saenz, actor and screenwriter

Bob Saenz is an actor and writer, best known for Extracurricular Activities (2018), The Right Girl (2015) and Help for the Holidays (2012).  I know Bob through a Facebook writing group - and in a community where there are many differing opinions, he acts as a voice of wisdom and is widely respected amongst the community (sorry to make you... Continue Reading →

When do you consider yourself a screenwriter?

That's a good question and something that was raised in my interview with writer of the Scorpion King: Book of Souls, David Alton Hedges, he pondered on this question himself and something that's been stuck at the back of mind since. My Instagram bio reads 'screenwriter (aspiring)'.  I think that's fair.   It doesn't mention... Continue Reading →

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