Screenwriting advice from the Pros – Phillip E. Hardy #purgatorystation

Phillip also manages a Facebook screenwriting group, Screenwriters Talking Shop. This is a super-friendly, helpful and supportive group and a great resource for all writers serious about their craft.

What’s the most important thing about your story?

Research! Why? Isn't that spending hours trawling through the internet, or your head endlessly stuck in books? Nope, not for me!  It's the chance to pack my bags and get flying to another fabulous location - with the next stop....Venice!  I won't go into the reasons why research is important (that should be damn obvious)... Continue Reading →

Interview#8…Interview Barbara Jane Mackie, scriptwriter, screenwriter, author, composer and lyricist!

Barbara Jane Mackie is a BBC trained script and screenwriter, author, composer and lyricist.  That’s pretty impressive to say the least! Barbara’s work covers both TV (Dalziel & Pascoe, Dangerfield, Mimi, Cowboy Girls) and theatre (Rumpy Pumpy!) so I was very keen to speak to a writer who transitions through genres to impart some words of... Continue Reading →

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