It’s that time of year…

ife has been incredibly busy as of late, but I have taken steps into animating Bertie already. If I can get this out by Easter then I will be very happy! Of course, you'll be the first to see it.

Actor’s read through night…hearing Bertie’s voice for the first time…

When I first started writing the story I decided to stop mid-point and do what has been suggested by many screenwriting books and get an actors read through arranged. Principally to see if the dialogue sounded believable - I was quite excited to hear some of the scenes - and to be honest, my words... Continue Reading →

Interview#6…Interview with Paul Zeidman, Screenwriter

Paul Zeidman is a screenwriter based out of one of my favourite cities, San Francisco!  I met Paul in a screenwriting group on Facebook and as a rookie have been very appreciative of the articles and guidance that he shares with us all!  An insider’s knowledge and expertise is like gold-dust! His writing credits include... Continue Reading →

Interview#5…Ho-Ling Tang, Composer

Originating from Hong Kong, Ho-Ling Tang is a talented composer, orchestrator and arranger.  Based in Hong Kong she is busy working on multiple projects which encompasses film and TV scores, theatre and video games.   I posed Ho-Ling some questions about her work, specifically how essential music is to film and TV success. At what age... Continue Reading →

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