Want to be featured on The Mighty Dragon?

Want to be featured on The Mighty Dragon?

Are you an Independent filmmaker looking for exposure to an international audience?

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If you’ve seen the interviews and want to be featured on The Mighty Dragon, then please complete the PayPal below to be guaranteed:

  • PINNED interview on the homepage for 1 month from date of publish.
  • You’ll be part of a blog with over 200,000 views and growing international presence.
  • Take your place in an interview collection including experienced filmmakers from all over the world.
  • Be asked 10 questions in relation to your career and current projects.
  • The Mighty Dragon will publish your links, images, pictures, social media links and more to your specification. You will have final approval before publish. For written interviews there is no official word count stated, but The Mighty Dragon will suggest edits to keep content concise.
  • The Mighty Dragon will advertise your interview on all its social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) on the date of publish. If we podcast, then your interview will be uploaded to Buzzsprout (and associated directories iTunes, Spotify etc), Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. Podcasts are kept to a 30 minutes duration.
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THE MIGHTY DRAGON interview request

Want to be part of The Mighty Dragon collection? Then reach out now with your IMDb link and you will get booked in at the earliest opportunity.


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