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  • Bamboo Shoot – Film Review #johnlone

    Bamboo Shoot – Film Review #johnlone

    Starring: Tseng Chang (Village Chief Tang), CoCo Lee (Tang Luhua),  John Lone (Mi Jihong) Written by: Sara Chen IMDb ranking & story line: 6.4/10 A lovable modern twist on a Chinese fairy tale, Bamboo Shoot’s mixing of screwball kung-fu with Shakespearean themes of desire and confusion elevates this film to one with universal appeal. Not one for love stories as such I […]

  • China gallery – The Great Wall 萬里長城

    China gallery – The Great Wall 萬里長城

    …for a moment, time stood still….as I gasped in awe at her beauty

  • China gallery – Temple of Heaven 天坛

    China gallery – Temple of Heaven 天坛

    “Such beautiful artwork yet such a coarse mouth.”  Dr Albert ‘Bertie’ Chan, SPRING

  • Returning to China…

    Returning to China…

    Next week I return to one of the most fascinating countries I have ever been to, China! and more specifically Beijing! With my last trip to the capital being way back in 1992 I think its time for a visit, I was supposed to be running the Great Wall marathon however a triple ankle fracture […]

  • The Last Emperor #inspiration

    The Last Emperor #inspiration

    The last and third film I would like to discuss which influenced my story is The Last Emperor. Like many people reading this blog, I’ve seen this film many, many times and as you can imagine find it very difficult to summarise quite what I like about this magnificent masterpiece from Bernardo Bertolucci without the […]

  • Post #1…why I started this project?

    Post #1…why I started this project?

    To be honest I wish I could answer that myself, this would have saved me a lot of stress, time and sleepless nights BUT something within me is unable to quit this project, its unable to swerve off until all four episodes are written and delivered.  A calling? A moment of madness? Who knows, who […]