Post #1…why I started this project?


To be honest I wish I could answer that myself, this would have saved me a lot of stress, time and sleepless nights BUT something within me is unable to quit this project, its unable to swerve off until all four episodes are written and delivered.  A calling? A moment of madness? Who knows, who … Continue reading

Cobra Kai #writersthoughts

Sometimes a series finds you at the right time. Cobra Kai found me, at the right time.  My bestie has been urging me to watch it for ages and what with writing, life and everything else, I just hadn't found the time. Now I fear I won't have the time for anything else, now I have found Cobra … Continue reading

King Kong 1976 – Film Review #johnlone

It with great sadness that I am typing up my last film review in the John Lone film series. I saved his first film debut for my last of his on this blog, King Kong.   This is the 1976 version of this classic starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. The Director was John Guillermin. I was … Continue reading