Podcast with Maja Bloom #fantasticbeasts

As the Harry Potter TV series gains momentum it doesn't look like JK Rowling's wizarding empire is slowing down any time soon. It would be great to see Carrow back behind the wand somewhere in this universe. Who knows? We might!

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The Mighty Dragon interview with Tom Canton #thewitcher

Multi-award winning The Witcher has been a phenomenal smash hit with audiences. The Witcher follows the life of Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, who struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than monsters and beasts. I am delighted to have Tom Canton as part of The Mighty Dragon interview series, discussing his career and, of course, The Witcher!

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The Mighty Dragon podcast with Alexandre Willaume #1899

I was delighted that 1899 actor Alexandre Willaume joined me on The Mighty Dragon podcast to discuss his character Anker, the hesitant priest aboard the ship. As a Danish actor, I was keen to get his insights into the strengths of the Danish film industry, and how he forged his career path. A career path which has taken him all over the world.

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The Mighty Dragon meets Tait Fletcher

We know Tait as Alpha Trawler and Paz Visla in The Mandalorian. He shares with me how he prepared for these characters, his experience with George Lucas's linguist, Star Wars fan theories and some behind-the-scenes memories with Carl Weathers. His favourite Star Wars character surprised me at the time, but now reflecting back on our conversation can see how that all fits in.

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The Mighty Dragon podcast with Maria Tran #lastkingofthecross

I'm so delighted to have Maria Tran back on The Mighty Dragon. Now based in Vegas, Maria has been super busy (and that's an understatement) with multiple projects. One being working alongisde Tim Roth in Last King of the Cross, a big budget Australian series based on the book by John Ibrahim. She talks to me about her character, Madame Tien, and the inspiration she got creating this formidable character.

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