The Mighty Dragon podcast with Phillip Noyce

He recalls his time visiting The Last Emperor set in Beijing and witnessing 4,000 people on set under the command of Bernardo Bertolucci. His friendship with Federico Fellini and some unforgettable advice he was given.

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Interview with Lorraine Tai #thebatman

Lorraine was Cheri in The Batman, the beautiful silver-fingered co-ed that works at the 44 Below. Other roles include The Lost Girls, Sensation, and Ground Control. She will be stepping into a well-known Paramount movie production soon, which is hugely exciting for this multi-talented actress, her star keeps rising.

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Interview with Stella Stocker #thebatman

When scrolling her multiple IMDb listings I was delighted to see that she had also appeared in Blithe Spirit (a Noel Coward play which yours truly appeared in years ago too!). A passion for period drama and some very exciting projects planned, I am delighted to welcome Stella Stocker to The Mighty Dragon.

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Interview with Venita Ozols-Graham #TheOssan

One such person who has always stood out to me is filmmaker Venita Ozols-Graham. I've adrmired Venita's dedication to her work from afar, her recent posts about her new short film The Ossan have been exciting. From the start of the funding campaign through to the shoot. It;s been a pleasure to see this entire process unfold.

Interview with Julian Black Antelope – Chief Kehetu #PREY

An Indigenous Canadian actor, with a drop of Irish blood. Julian represents the Buckskin, Black Horse family of the Weasel People. He is a self-taught actor who has built a solid career path in music, stunts, and working crew positions. His TV and film work has brought all his experience and physicality to many dynamic characters. I am proud to welcome 'JBA' onto The Mighty Dragon.

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