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What or who has had the biggest influence on your career? 
The biggest influence on my career have been artists who sparked my love of art when I was still a child. These include musicians like Michael Jackson and Elton John and bands like Bon Jovi and Led Zeppelin.  Actors like Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins have influenced me as well. 

What interests you in a role, story or character?
What interests me in a role is the perfect balance between a story and character. They cannot live without each other in order for a great role to exist. I want to see through the eyes of the character, feel and explore its depths. That’s what makes the audience genuinely connect. I like to dig into that script with all my heart. 

From your career so far, what role/project are you especially fond of and why?
I think that, out of my whole career, what has marked me the most was being part of the group MENUDO. It really changed my life. Back in the late 80’s, the group was very popular in America and Latin America. People used to call it the Latin Beatles. I had the priviledge to visit many countries and meet amazing people whom I will never forget. It was definitely a life changing event for me. 

As audiences have shifted to streaming content, what opportunities does this bring to you as an artist? 
As the audiences have shifted to streaming content, I think I have more opportunities available now. With just a click, someone can listen to your song anywhere in the world. It is amazing how technology has advanced. But for me, the biggest challenge has been having to also learn how to promote myself. The model has changed a lot, but if you take on the task of learning it, this can be very advantageous. 

Is there a genre that you haven’t worked in yet that you’d like to?
I have recorded music in many genres, but now that I am more mature, I have developed more interest in older genres such as Big Band from the 1940’s and The Great American Songbook from the 50’s. I’m really feeling that now. 

What are the strengths of Latin American film?
For me, the strengths of Latin American cinema are its stories of struggle and the way they are told. There is something organic that is only found in Latin American cinema. There is a lot of creativity from brilliant filmmakers, but unfortunately many of them have not been able to stand out more. I personally admire Guillermo Del Toro and Alejandro Amenabar

What do you have coming up next?
Up next, I will be touring America as part of a MENUDO reunion. We will start in Mexico early next year (2021). But before that, I will continue making music. I recently did a collab with American hip/hop artist George Khouri. We just released two songs, CHANGES PT. 2 ( a tribute to Tupac Shakur) and BEEN HERE BEFORE, a song that brings support to the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. 
My most ambicious project is my screenplay. I wrote it with my son and it came out pretty awesome. We are very excited. It’s an adventure/sci-fi/thriller about a family 40 years in the future. I’m currently meeting with people, looking for partnership so we can make this dream a reality.

Robert Avellanet is represented by Kontakto and Espada PR Espada PR @espada_pr


New dates have now been announced for the Menudo Reunion Tour for México in March 2021.  Follow their Instagram page for more detais.Menudo’s Súbete a Mi Moto Reunion Tour – Instagram

Check out Robert Avallanet – Instagram where you can learn more about his new single as a solo artist in collaboration with singer George Khouri. The song is titled Changes Part2. (Tupac Tribute) and is available on iTunes. All proceeds of the song, released on Juneteeth will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Robert Avallanet – YouTube

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