Interviews #55 Patrick Perez Vidauri & Cristina Nava #56 Bryan McClure

With their new romantic comedy ‘In Other Words‘ released on September 8 , I am delighted that the director, Patrick Perez Vidauri and writer Cristina Nava have joined me on a podcast for The Mighty Dragon.

In Other Words has been released on all digital platforms and VOD NOW.

The movie stars Bryan McClure (Mindhunter), Edy Ganem (Devious Maids), Natasha Esca (Narcos: México) and Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live).

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Patrick Perez Vidauri and Cristina Nava are represented by @espada_pr

podcast with Patrick and Cristina

I was also very lucky to interview Bryan McClure too about his experience as the lead character, True Andrews, he also answered a few other questions for me on his past and future projects.

Bryan McClure

Can you tell me about your character True Andrews in “In Other Words” – what are his endearing qualities.
True is a lovable, dedicated, hard-working guy. He’s got such a big heart with a big brain that often gets in his way when it comes to meeting women.

How did you prepare for this role?
I did a lot of work with my fellow actors. I’m blessed to be surrounded by a great support system of other talented artists. I’d spend time working on the material on my own and then I’d rehearse with my friends and a couple times I took it in to class. I was studying with Sara Mornell at the time.

You’ve starred in Mindhunter, Atlanta and Hawaii Five-O, what attracts you to certain characters?
When there’s depth to character, it’s always more enjoyable. When they have layers and are an interesting person/complex it makes it so much more rewarding. Also, if they’re funny or off the wall, that’s always enjoyable.

When working on a reboot series such as Hawaii Five-O what do you personally want to bring to the set that makes it unique and also pays tribute to the original?
For me, when I acted on Hawaii Five-O, I didn’t really feel that I needed to take anything in to account from the previous rendition. I just approached that role as I would any role, which is by trying to tell the part of Jared Burke (my name on the show) as truthfully as possible.

As an actor, what do you look for in a script?
I think I look at a script the same way I watch a film as a consumer. Did I enjoy that? Was it entertaining? Secondly, I look at a script to see if I would like to tell the story of the character I’m reading for.

Is there any genre that you have not tried as yet that you’d like to?
Well, although I was in an action movie, I’d like to be the one in the action scenes. That sounds like a blast! A fun period piece would be fantastic too. A fantasy like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter is be an ultimate goal for me!

What are the challenges you face as an actor in these uncertain times.
The biggest challenge is the lack of work right now. Normally, I’d say something like it’s always a challenge how many “no’s” an actor hears before they hear a yes, but there hasn’t been enough projects filming for us even to hear no to.

What does social media bring to an actor?
Social media allows actors to have more direct communication with their fans. It allows us an easy way for us to keep everyone in the loop about what we’ve got going on.

Is stage work something you enjoy? Do you feel every actor should experience it?
Unfortunately, I have limited experience doing stage work. It least in comparison to some of my fellow actors. I got in to acting much later than some. I feel like when you grow up acting, usually the place to do it is on stage. I didn’t get in to acting until after high school. Stage is exhilarating because you have to do everything in the moment. You don’t get a second take. It’s also often bigger in the gestures and voice projection because you have to reach everyone in the audience. I’m a fan of the subtleties of film. Any actors though can do a whole lot without you having to say or do much of anything. I would definitely say that it’d be beneficial for all actors to at least do once! It’s a rewarding experience!

What’s coming up for you? Right now, I’m developing a project that the talented Natasha Esca from In Other Words wrote and approached me with it. We’re aiming to film it next year. Additionally, I’m gearing up to film the 4th hour of our Sci-Fi series Space Command in the latter part of this year or early next. 


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