Podcast with Synnøve Macody Lund #Ragnarok

As we spoke I was so impressed with Synnove’s drive and determination to venture into her acting career. Those nerves she feels head of a performance propelled her to draw out her unique acting talent and into performances such as Ran, Gabriella in Spiders Web or Diana in Headhunters.

Podcast with Patrick Wirtz #scissormouth

Patrick Wirtz has been on my radar for some time for an interview for The Mighty Dragon. His work with past The Mighty Dragon interviewee, director Deborah Richards, is truly an epic glimpse into the life of a producer. After speaking with Patrick, I have so much more appreciation for this role. Naive me, thought that this role was mostly financial. How wrong was I?! I joked to Patrick that a day in his life would give me a heart attack, I wasn't wrong!

The Mighty Dragon podcast with Maria Tran #lastkingofthecross

I'm so delighted to have Maria Tran back on The Mighty Dragon. Now based in Vegas, Maria has been super busy (and that's an understatement) with multiple projects. One being working alongisde Tim Roth in Last King of the Cross, a big budget Australian series based on the book by John Ibrahim. She talks to me about her character, Madame Tien, and the inspiration she got creating this formidable character.

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