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When I last interviewed David and Craig back in 2020 I was left in awe at not only their creativity but their business sense too as Independent Filmmakers. 

I can certainly say this interview was no different. They still have this drive, passion, and integrity about their work which is admirable. Not to mention their superhuman planning skills which guarantee a slick operation on set. 

With their new releases Love N Quarantine and Demon Fighter out now, it was a great chance to catch up with these Mighty Dragon favourites. They offer solid advice for any Independent Filmmaker and share some of their process for making their unique, quirky, and unforgettable films. 

Best of luck to David and Craig for Love N Quarantine and Demon Fighter and beyond.  

The Mighty Dragon supports Independent Filmmakers, please get in touch if you’d like to share your story.



Demon Fighter 

A Kung Fu master becomes a Jesuit priest ordained as an exorcist fighting demons in the streets, demons in the souls of the possessed and wrestling with his own. Inspired by Historical Events.

Demon Fighter Trailer:

*Demon Fighter, Amazon Prime (US);

*Demon Fighter, Amazon Prime (UK);


Love N Quarantine 

Ben and Caroline have been married for years. Thrust into quarantine, their love gets put to the test.

Love N Quarantine Trailer: 


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